MMG: A New Game Model For NFT Games

MMG is one more DApp that uses blockchain advancement to assist web with gaming development, making different MMO games for clients to investigate and attempt various things with. The structure furthermore helps games with organizing cryptographic cash with the end goal of portion, in this way attracting more clients. Any client can get MMG tokens for playing through the stage or consuming other MMG gift validations and get things from true detached stores or buy paid organizations from various clients through exchanges.

The general thought spins around making a versatile application dependent on web-based amusements and blockchain innovation. This will permit the client to bet on their preferred amusements utilizing the MMG tokens. The client would then be able to trade these tokens for genuine cash or spend them in different players’ recreations.

Each client can use the tokenized prizes they have gotten on the stages to purchase entertainment things on the web or offering their prizes as an approach to procure new tokens. They can likewise use these prizes as a speculation apparatus, given that their esteem will increment when there are more clients joining the stage.

The MMG stage will be made out of two basic components:

- The game itself, which is a 3D game where players can investigate a virtual world and go against one another in various ways.

- A token framework that permits clients to win rewards for their gaming record and use them for different reasons (for instance, gathering amusement things).

We’ve been around the crypto world for a long time now. And although it was lots of fun, I like to get more out of my investments than just trading. I also really enjoy being involved in something that allows me to compete with my friends with very little kind of unfair advantage. My partner was totally enthusiastic about this, which is why we decided to create MMG — Monopoly Millionaire (MMG) .

MMG is yet another DApp that uses blockchain technology to help web gaming evolve, creating different MMO games for users to explore and try out. The platform further helps games with integrating crypto currency for payment purposes, thus attracting more users. Any user can earn MMG tokens for playing through the platform or consuming other MMG gift certificates and get items from real offline stores or purchase paid services from other users through transactions.

The MMG token is an ERC-20 consistent token that can be utilized for different purposes inside the MMG biological system. It tends to be utilized for paying for administrations on the MMG stage, just as for buying things from online stores or from actual stores. The client can likewise utilize it to purchase advanced items that are produced by others on this stage and get paid in MMG tokens also. Clients will likewise have the option to stake their tokens and get rewards dependent on their stakes as well as on their prosperity at various games accessible on this stage.

MMG Token Allocation:

25% or 50,000,000 tokens will go towards the Pre-Sale Sale;

In this manner, MMG is a multi-reason gaming stage. It can be used to play recreations and get tokens as a consequence of progress or to spend tokens while shopping on the web.

What’s more, MMG is an approach to peer review blockchain based games through a stage that is furnished with a few highlights. For example, there are uncommon amusements that will be made only for the stage by specialists. The objective is to make it the most trustworthy and quickest game store with different games and in addition an exchange for purchasing and selling things from genuine stores.

MMG will be totally open source, its clients can make their own adaptations of games with their own one of a kind tokens by using the accessible devices. The proprietors of these games will have the capacity to pay rewards in their own particular tokens or other well known digital forms of money like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or Ripple (XRP). In this way, MMG fabricates a biological system that unites players, designers and sponsors under one rooftop.

The MMG model presents a viable answer for the issue of how to keep up with liquidity for game-based advanced resources.
Monopoly Millionaire (MMG) is an in-game business currency token that is used in the Monopoly Millionaire blockchain game. It aims to become the first mainstream in-game currency based on a multi-chain system and works with Ethereum, EOS, Tron, and IOST.
As the first fully decentralized NFT crowdfunding framework on TRON, MMG is specializing in game assets. MMG supports both crowdfunding and derivatives trading through the NFT worth-protecting fund. It can also perfectly connect to games with NFT integrated in a way that it remains independent of the game asset, forming a trust-based market environment for trading and raising funds.

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