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4 min readMay 7, 2022

About Elysian finance
The finance industry has been on the cutting-edge of technology for a very long time. Traditional financial institutions have made huge strides in financial innovation and have applied it widely to ensure that their business continues to thrive and grow. However, while they continue to innovate, the finance industry is not keeping up with how technology has evolved. Cryptocurrencies are the only way to make real-time transactions at low cost without having to go through a middleman. The finance industry is currently facing many problems, including lack of transparency and security, which makes it difficult for people to trust its services.

The Elysian team has expertise in the traditional financial industry and is now working on transforming this knowledge into cryptocurrency payments by creating a decentralized peer-to-peer payment system that allows users from all over the world to perform instant transactions at almost no cost at all.

Backed by an impressive team with years

Elysian is a financial platform with an emphasis on community-driven decentralized applications (DApps), leveraging the blockchain to harness the power of user-generated content and build a fully-functional ecosystem that promotes growth and opportunity for all participants.

Growing up in Silicon Valley, I was always fairly adept at working with computers. I got my first job in tech when I was 13 as a hardware technician at a local computer shop. My passion for programming led me to start a career in backend development, and after working for several startups and consulting for some of the biggest tech companies in the world, I found myself writing code for some of the most influential people on the planet.

I’ve seen many promising technologies meet their end before they had a chance to scale because they were too far ahead of their time.
Elysian Finance is a project that aims to provide the most comprehensive decentralized finance ecosystem available.All of this will be possible because Elysian is built on top of Ethereum, the world’s leading blockchain for decentralized applications.

Our Mission
Elysian Finance is on a mission to build the best DeFi platform for the blockchain community. While many of its competitors have been successful in building out a few DeFi products, Elysian Finance has made it its mission to create a comprehensive network that will allow users to access every Decentralized Finance product.

“The future of finance is decentralized,” says Perissinotti. “We envision a world where everyone has access to the same opportunities and information — no one should be left out.”

Elysian Finance knows that it’s a new, evolving platform, and they want to keep the community informed about its developments. They’re proud of how far they’ve come so far and want to give us a glimpse into their backstory, as well as some of their long-term goals for their company.

__Podcast: __Elysian is proud to be the first Dapp on the Ethereum network to successfully launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) with real utility and value
__Twitter: __And Elysian is actively trying to get its message out. Check out some of their recent tweets below.

The team behind Elysian has been working alongside some of the biggest names in the blockchain space since its inception,

Elysian is a platform that’s looking to take decentralized finance to the next level. The team is made up of veterans in the field who have invested their time and resources into building a platform that creates an open marketplace for financial services. This marketplace will be powered by their blockchain, which will run on the Ethereum network. They’ll be bringing all different kinds of financial services to this platform, and as they build it out, they’ll be integrating with other DeFi networks so that they can offer as many different kinds of services as possible.

In addition to creating an entire new set of opportunities for developers, Elysian will also act as a regulator when it comes to new offerings coming onto the market. They’ll have a review process in place for businesses seeking to launch their own tokens, as well as a method for consumers to hold those tokens safely and securely until they’re ready to use them for whatever purpose they had in.
The Elysian vision is ambitious; they want to create a platform with an emphasis on community-driven decentralized applications (DApps), leveraging the blockchain to harness the power of user-generated content and build a fully-functional ecosystem that promotes growth and opportunity for all participants. Their team has been hard at work building out the infrastructure for DApps to be built on the Ethereum network, and have created a framework for developers to create any number of DApps within the Elysian ecosystem. They’ve also created a staking token that users can use to inter-connect and utilize services in the Elysian ecosystem. They are actively engaged in marketing their platform in order to attract developers who will build DApps within their ecosystem, as well as users who will use those apps and provide valuable feedback in order to continually improve upon them.

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