Vimsquare Will Be The Most Successful E-commerce Platform In The Coming Years

4 min readApr 8, 2022

VIMSQUARE project in this way. Once again, thank you for this open-door vim token, and I understand that this initiative will result in an abundant reset for its supporters.

The VIMSQUARE project was created in an effort to build a new crypto token with a vision of producing a decentralized, secure and transparent network that will be used by millions of people around the globe. Our team has been developing systems for more than 30 years, and we have the necessary experience to create a highly secure and scalable platform.

Our goal is to provide a universal tool for payments with the lowest possible fees in any direction. VIMSQUARE is a modern cryptocurrency that combines the best features of Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as other popular cryptocurrencies, such as Monero, Dash, Litecoin and others. The main idea behind VIMSQUARE is to create a simple mechanism for transferring value between users that would not require intermediaries or brokers. We decided to implement this concept using blockchain technology because it allows us to exclude human factors from the process and ensure absolute transparency of transactions.

The primary purpose of any cryptocurrency is to be a medium of exchange — just like PayPal or credit cards. However, many cryptocurrencies aspire to be more than that — they want to become a global digital currency that would allow people to send money anywhere in the world without having to pay.
The VIMSQUARE project is a prime example of why cryptocurrency is a useful platform for the people, by the people and for the people. The creation of this new currency will represent a step towards improved financial freedom for all who use it.

About Vimsquare
Vimsquare is a decentralised marketplace that allows users to buy and sell goods and services with Bitcoin. Vimsquare is which operates using smart contracts. The Vimsquare platform is designed to minimise the involvement of third-parties in transactions and thereby increasing security for all parties involved.
Vimsquare has created its own native token, $VIM, which will be accepted by all players in the Vimsquare ecosystem.
The $VIM token will act as a unit of exchange for buyers and sellers within the Vimsquare ecosystem, as well as a means of rewarding users who provide high quality goods and services.
The VIMSQUARE E-commerce Platform is a unique global e-commerce platform that allows online merchants to trade in an ecosystem that combines secure payments, and efficient delivery of products. The VIMSQUARE marketplace is the first of its kind and will accept only $VIM as payment for all goods, services and transactions.

The VIMSQUARE Marketplace utilizes the VIMSQUARE Token ($VIM) as the sole means of exchange for all participants in the Vimsquare ecosystem. This results in a frictionless global payment solution that lowers transaction costs and ensures seamless transactions throughout the entire Vimsquare platform.

Vimsquare has been designed to provide cost benefits to customers through lower transaction costs, and reduced time spent transacting. This will increase customer demand for the Vimsquare cryptocurrency, $VIM, which will further increase adoption through our incentivized referral program.


Vimsquare Roadmap

Vimsquare is a new concept of business E-commerce, a platform where sellers and buyers can trade with one another through a peer-to-peer system. Vimsquare will be popular because they create the most unique product to change the way people engage in e-commerce. Individuals involved with peer-to-peer trading will be able to sell unwanted items and make deals with other individuals. Business owners will also have their own products for sale, allowing you to capitalize on opportunities that are profitable. If you can sell the most popular product of the year, consumers and investors believe it will be very successful.

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