Volare Network And Equilibrium Technology To Create Low-cost, High-performance Blockchain

6 min readMay 25, 2022

Volare was developed in 2018 by Equilibrium and represents a unique solution to two major problems in the crypto industry: scalability and transaction speed. The issue of transaction speed is one that has plagued Bitcoin since its inception and has been a major factor in the high failure rate of business transactions using bitcoin as currency. The second problem, scalability, refers to the inability of most blockchains to keep up with user demand or quickly process transactions when users are numerous or transactions are high volume. These deficiencies have caused businesses to shy away from using cryptocurrencies entirely or use them only in situations where they can rely on very small transaction volumes between two parties.

Volare solves b oth problems through a combination of innovative technologies such as sharding, which breaks down large data sets into smaller chunks that can be processed

The Volare blockchain is the first to successfully address the underlying issues facing blockchain technology — primarily, its lack of scalability and commercial viability. To do this, its network is built on the strengths of Equilibrium’s technology engine.

As a blockchain-based solution, Volare is on the forefront of blockchain technology, as well as being the first one to prove its commercial viability, earning it a solid reputation in the industry and the attention of industry leaders. Volare’s network is based on Equilibrium’s technology engine, an enterprise-grade blockchain product that offers proven scalability and commercial viability. Although blockchain has begun permeating into mainstream culture, there is still a long way to go before enterprise adoption becomes widespread. The primary reason for this is that blockchain frontiers are pushing for adoption penetration through commercialization but the absence of fundamental solutions is impeding their success.

Volare’s Main Features

Blockchain solutions tend to be somewhat limited in both speed and scalability due to limitations in existing consensus algorithms. Equilibrium’s technology engine, however, solves these problems using new consensus algorithms and innovative consensus mechanisms such as threshold key generation, improved hybrid consensus mechanisms, and fast and scalable blockchains.

The technology behind Volare also includes Multichain-like support for multiple assets and currencies, which allows users to easily deploy different products on top of Volare without needing to start from scratch. This means that even if Volare does not gain

Volare, a blockchain platform, has created an impressive network that is based off of Equilibrium’s technology engine. This engine is able to provide the speed and scalability needed to support global commercial use of a blockchain network. Volare’s innovation comes from their ability to provide a blockchain solution that is equipped to handle the demands of commerce.

Volare is one of the top blockchain-based platforms in the world, allowing individuals and companies to take advantage of its decentralized applications (dApps) and exchange services on the blockchain. What makes Volare so special is its ability to be both powerful and fast, which makes it a standout among competitors in the same space.

The team behind Volare is also looking at ways to integrate cryptocurrency into everyday life through dApps like Vevue that allow users to earn cryptocurrency just by using it. While some applications like this have been successful in the past, Volare’s goal is to provide a wide variety of options for people looking for a way to earn rewards for everyday activities. That way, people can benefit from cryptocurrency without having the technical knowledge needed to mine or trade it themselves — or risk losing out on potential rewards.

Volare Networks Technology

High Performance
Volare Network is a blockchain-based open source project that aims to establish an ecosystem of high-performance and highly effective decentralized applications, with the primary goal of improving usability in everyday life. With Equilibrium’s technology engine achieving a 4500 TPS with block creation and confirmation time of less than 3 seconds, Volare Network signals the emergence of a new blockchain system that can compete and beat the operational speed of traditional financial systems.

The Volare Network blockchain platform provides multiple features for developers to build their own DApps based on their own needs and requirements. By leveraging the power of Volare’s system, developers can create applications that are able to process millions of transactions.

Volare also has established a cross-chain bridge, allowing smart contracts and applications to interact with other networks such as Ethereum. This will allow for dApps to interact with the network’s services and expand its potential use cases further.

Micro-chan Architecture
A blockchain is a distributed ledger that contains records of transactions between users and details of the state of their accounts. While blockchains are typically used to track ownership of digital currency, they can also be used to manage virtually anything that can be encoded as a computer record. Each transaction on the blockchain is cryptographically linked to all previous transactions, creating a chain of transactions. This process allows blockchains to maintain an accurate and verifiable record of transactions without central oversight or control.

Next-generation blockchains like Equilibrium are able to support complex business logic and business rules by using smart contracts written into a dynamic programming language called Solidity. These contracts allow user to create their own rules and trigger actions based on events on the blockchain. By using smart contracts, each micro-chain will be able to support unlimited applications and business domains which is impossible with current generation single chain architecture.

A micro-chain is a logical group of consensus nodes (or trusted peers) who form an independent blockchain network inside the main network with its own set of smart contract codebase, data storage, and state machine.

Volare Network Tokenomics
VOLR will be the native coin of Valore Network ecosystem. VOLR is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that has been introduced for the purpose of facilitating transactions within the Valore Network. The coin comes with a maximum supply of 1.8 billion coins. VOLR is the primary fuel that powers all economic activities within the ecosystem, and is used to facilitate the transactions of all other tokens within the network. The total supply of VOLR will never exceed more than 1.8Billion coins, so even a small proportion of VOLR will always be enough to carry out a transaction in any field or market within the network.

Vorare Network is an innovative DApp platform that has adopted a non-competitive consensus algorithm with the adoption of Equilibrium’s technology engine designed to be commercially available with realization of guaranteed network scalability and high transactions per second. This technology has greatly solved the problems that are associated with transaction speed and structural characteristics that emanates from network scale/expansion and increase in blockchain utilization/services.

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